About a year ago, we pitched and won the ABCmouse business. Personally, it was more than gratifying for a couple of reasons. First, Pheno beat out some of the best agencies in the country. More importantly, ABCmouse is a brand I believe is out to make the world a better place as a leading voice in early child education. Which is something near and dear to my heart, and something the company's leadership is truly passionate about. Twelve months, 30 shoot days, six countries and a lot of stories later, we had a beautiful campaign on our hands, including the launch film below featuring our new platform and tagline: From A to Infinity.

social: The professions

We also created a series of "profession" films that primarily ran on the social feeds of ABCmouse. In each one, a child inspired by ABCmouse grows up before our eyes into an adult ready to change the world. We never know where learning will lead, but we know where it begins.