Barbeques Galore

A few years back, a venture capital team from Australia bought this 70-location barbeque specialty store. After years of marketing neglect, the retailer had no top-of-mind awareness. Consequently, they found themselves competing against cheap competitive products offered by supermarkets and hardware stores.

In order to avoid price wars and maintain healthy profit margins, the agency positioned BBQ’s Galore and the purveyor of “The Ultimate Man Toy”, the high-end BBQ. Our TV, digital videos, radio, POP and guerrilla executions helped them increase sales eight-fold. Pretty cool.

This is the first broadcast spot we did for them. It's about a talking chicken, a guy, and some fennel sauce. Sorry about the low quality. The high res versions are lost for the ages.

Social: BBQ's Galore Goes (kind of) Wild

We did a bunch of shorter films that ran on their social channels. The idea was to make them a bit more racy and unexpected than the broadcast spot. The client thought we succeeded.