From federer

The new Wilson RF97 autograph racket is simply stunning. The first ever co-designed by Wilson and Roger Federer, the RF97 looks and plays like nothing else. We developed an integrated campaign to launch it into the world, led by the black-and-white film below. It's called “From Federer." The film features top junior players, Federer himself, and a handwritten note from Roger himself that plays a central role in the rest of the campaign.

I'm proud to say that the RF97 was one of the most successful product launches in Wilson's 100-year history.

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Here's the case study for the campaign. 


We asked--actually, Roger was kind enough to ask--tennis fans around the world via his social feeds to emulate one of his signature shots for a chance to win a new RF97. So many of the entries we got entries were truly amazing...and we got thousands of them. A great way to build affinity toward the Wilson brand and the RF97.

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When Roger played a couple of tournaments with a "greeked" racket, the tennis community was abuzz with speculation about what Wilson had up its sleeve. To continue to build the anticipation, we teased the unveiling over the course of six weeks with cryptic social posts, eventually leading to Roger introducing the RF97 to the world on Facebook Live.

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Social: federer twitter takeover

The moment the racket was unveiled to the public, we took over Fed's Twitter feed and other social channels to add volume to the release of the RF97.


social POSTS

Teasing the live reveal on Wilson's various social platforms.

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The landing page for the RF97 we wrote and designed.