Mr. Cooper

A couple of years ago, Nationstar--the biggest non-bank home lender in the country--came to us with an interesting question: "What should we do?" Their reputation had gone through the hell since the mortgage crisis of 2008, and they were looking for a change. So we suggested one thing: Start completely over. Which is exactly what they did. We changed the name of the company to Mr. Cooper, gave them a completely new identity and developed the launch campaign that included an anthem video featuring Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" (about a man--or company--that took a long hard look at himself before realizing he needed a change). We even worked with Nationstar to help them change the way they did business, creating new programs and products to make good on their effort to become a more human home lender. The company just launched in late August, and so far, so good. And lots more campaign work for Mr. Cooper soon to be released into the wild.

Cooper NYSE Cropped.jpg

We created a brand book they could use as their North Star internally, which defined who they are, what they stand for, why they exist, how they communicate with the outside world.

Cooper Brand Book cropped.jpg

Nationstar literally transformed their offices as well, with messaging and art from the brand book we developed.


We worked with the fine folks at Mr. Cooper to develop radical new products and services that would help homeowners navigate their own personal financial waters. These two films were created to promote Job Loss Protection, where Mr. Cooper pays any homeowner's mortgage for up to six months should they lose their job.

Nationstar's Web site was, well, it was kind of a big mess. So we simplified the site with a redesign and a re-write that turned complex financial jargon into concepts that were much more human.


Just a small taste of the campaign we developed below, which included broadcast, digital, social, stunts and just about everything else.

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