NBCUniversal / E! International

As the CD for work around the globe, I have the pleasure (and responsibility) to affect work for pretty much every show. Of course, every show has its own challenges and opportunities because each one is its own unique brand. My goal is to treat everything we do like an advertising problem to solve…with work based on an insightful brief, unexpected concept and great execution. Not just a montage of clips and bites.

The campaign below is for the upcoming season of “Botched”, a show about plastic surgeries gone bad. The work is based a simple question: If Dr’s Dubrow and Nassif could do anything, how might they kill the boredom between seasons? If you like the spot, I directed it. If not, that other guy did.


A little behind the scenes action to show off the effervescent personalities of our doctors.


A sampling of the social executions for the campaign. I’m sorry. Very, very sorry.


We started by creating a song. Followed by a cut based on the song. Followed by some real optimism about E! updating their content to appeal to a new generation of viewers.

Very Cavallari

The brief for the Season 2 Very Cavallari catch-up, the brief was to offer a primer/reminder of the storylines from Season 1. So we basically created a spot that showed all of it.

Botched “Masterpiece” campaign

Last season, we commissioned real oil paintings that themselves have been “Botched”. A couple of which—for better or worse—hang in my office. Promax was very kind.

botched social

Posts that use our oil paintings and real dialogue from the show. I’m sorry.


With negotiations coming up with DStv, our African service provider, we decided to create a rather large, 360º campaign to show our love and dedication to both DStv and the Continent. The E! brand spot below features some of the biggest names in all of Africa professing their love of everything pop culture and E!. I learned much about African slang when writing it.

Australia Easter Binge

There’s a push Down Under to make the adorable Bilby the official Easter mascot. Both because Bilbys are dwindling in numbers, and apparently, their Easter baskets are far superior to the bunny’s.

how do i look?

A great show from our South African affiliate about transformation and female empowerment. Which means it’s the mathematical opposite of “Botched.”

Botched “SFX” spot