Range rover

Land Rovers have scaled the Himalayas, traveled Pole to Pole, transported the Queen, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Winston Churchill. It’s the vehicle of choice for Randulph Feinnes, the world’s greatest living explorer, the UN, NATO and rescue teams around the globe. It’s helped discover lost cities in the Sahara Desert and the true sources of the Nile and the Ganges Rivers. We figured it was high time for one of world’s most iconic brands to tell its story.

This is the “Have You Ever” campaign that launched the new Range Rover, featuring the music of the Flaming Lips and golden throat of 5th Baron Charles Shaughnessy, giant among men.

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The Balkan Aid Relief Foundation

We were asked to create a mini-doc for this amazing group, which travels by Land Rover caravan from the UK to the Balkans once a year to deliver much needed humanitarian supplies. It's not a great documentary, but it's certainly worthwhile to watch. These guys have more heart than anyone I've ever met.


Have you ever traveled to Norway to film a guy speeding across the ice in a sailboat? I might have.