Mr. california

A few years back, a couple of friends started talking about Mr. California, a clothing line started during the Kennedy administration that was a contemporary and competitor to Penguin (among others). I'd always been a big fan and had been snatching up Mr. Cal vintage shirts since I can remember. Fast forward to a eight or so years ago, and that friend, another friend and myself had commandeered Mr. California trademark and were now in the business of rekindling the Mr. Cal flame. Along with my friends Monte and Raub, we (re) created the Mr. California brand, from the backstory to the tone, the look-and-feel to our tagline: Classic leisurewear for the modern man. I handle all of the writing, which is beyond fun and hardly "work". The site can be found here:

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"Going Down"

So I wrote and produced a short thriller/horror/semi-comedic film. Directed by the great Paul Solet of "Grace" fame.